Meeting Time: September 24, 2020 at 10:00am EDT
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Agenda Item

APPT-7-20 Appointment of the following individuals to the Prince George's County Solid Waste Advisory Committee: Mr. Hari B. Bindal Reappointment Term Expiration: 11/5/2021 Ms. Alexandra D. Kirk Appointment Replacing: Kawana Cohen-Hopkins (vacant) Term Expiration: 11/5/2023 Mr. Mouhaman S. Kola Reappointment Term Expiration: 11/5/2022 Mr. Jonathan P. Madagu Appointment Replacing: Victoria L. Greenfield (vacant) Term Expiration: 11/5/2023 Mr. Tommi O. Makila (withdrawn) Appointment Replacing: Bruce A. Bates (vacant) Term Expiration: 11/5/2023 Ms. Nancy J. Meyer Reappointment Term Expiration: 11/5/2021