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HEARING PROCEDURES: Time limitation of three (3) minutes per speaker has been imposed. There will be no relinquishing of time by one speaker to another. Written statements may be submitted for the record in addition to, or in lieu of, verbal testimony. Written testimony or comments will be accepted in electronic format, rather than by U.S. mail via the Council's eComment portal at: For those unable to use the portal, comments/written correspondence may be emailed to: or faxed to (301) 952-5178. Written comments may be submitted until close of business on n Wednesday, February 2, 2022. HEARING AGENDA (a) Call to Order (b) Introduction of the County Council Members (c) Introductory remarks by County Council Chair Calvin S. Hawkins, II (d) M-NCPPC staff presentation Sarah Benton, Project Manager (e) Comments by elected and appointed officials: (f) Comments by citizens: